• Bicycling in the Black Forest
    Bicycling in the Black Forest

    Tour suggestions and more can be found at Jägersteig

  • France & Germany
    France & Germany

    The River Rhine pulls the boarder the landscape of the Rhine Valley


    The neighborhood of Bühl is filled with pure culture and flair


    Exciting paths and amazing views, make tours for every difficulty level, inviting

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The Vacation starts here
The area provides the right thing for every guest:
Hiking and biking for everyone who wants to be sportively active. Cities that are inviting for shopping. Museums, theaters, castles, forts for those that are culturally interested. The Rhine Valley has basically everything. And of course the Black Forest.


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Biking and hiking maps can be acquired at our reception

The many events in the region and the neighboring region of Alsace are very inviting. Of course there is the city of Baden-Baden as well, with its unique flair of the past centuries. Two luxurious thermal spas are awaiting you as well one of the most beautiful Casinos in the world and with the festival theater, one of the largest establishments in Europe.


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As you can see: The region has a lot more to offer than fir trees.