• Baden-Baden

    Spa-house, drinking hall, Brurda-Museum, Theatrical-house, Casino, wellness and more

  • Of Princes and knights
    Of Princes and knights

    Over 100 castles forts, ruines are awaiting you in the Ortenau

  • Strasbourg

    Experiece the neighbouring and enjoyable region of Elsace in France

  • Horse race track Iffezheim
    Horse race track Iffezheim

    The famous horse races have been taking place here since 1858


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seeing – wondering – relaxing    
Our house ist the perfect starting point for sightseeing. Baden-Baden is just a few minutes away for example. The horse races that take place twice times a year are one of many attractions. The Theatrical and Spa houses, the Burda-Museum with its various expositions or the Casion are only a few of the other things to see and experience. And if you’d like to relax, two luxourious thermal spas, theCaracalla and the Friedrichsbad, are very inviting.


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The town of Bühl with its Badisch charm lays right beneith us. During a city tour and visit of the town’s museum you will see that this town has more to offer than its plums. There is an annual plum festival during the plum season in September. The town has a Bluegrass-Festival in spring. There is an indoor and outdoor swimming pool at the Schwarzwaldbad as well. The Bühl volleyball team plays in the major league and the matches take place from October to March. The home matches of TV Ingersoll are definately a worthwhile experience.


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 (c) Stadt Bühl                                                                                           (c) Stadt Bühl

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 (c) Stadt Bühl                                                                                           (c) Stadt Bühl


Germany’s largest outdoor theater in Ötigheim attracts people all summer round with its exciting program. The region of Elsace with its capital Strasbourg is a further highlight. Numerous museums, sights and a romantic boat ride on the river Ile attract many visitors.


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And last, but not least, the Black Forest with its various excursion destinations: starting with the Mummelsee, the city of Freudenstadt and theVogts farms, which are a little farther away.

Brand new: the in 2014 opend Black Forest National Park. You can get many more tips and info on the all aroud hiking in the Blackforest at the Nature reserve center Ruhestein.

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