The Vacation starts here

The area provides the right activities for every guest:
Hiking and biking…. wants to be sportive. Inviting cities for shopping, Museums, Theaters, Castles and many more for the culturally interested. The Rhine Valley offers everything, and of course the Black Forest is a location worth visiting itself.

The many events in the region and the neighboring region of Alsace are very inviting. Of course there is the city of Baden-Baden as well, with its unique flair of the past centuries. Two luxurious thermal spas are awaiting you as well one of the most beautiful Casinos in the world and with the festival theater, one of the largest establishments in Europe.

The Jägersteig and Wine

A toast to your well-being!

The many vineyards in the area are inviting! Explore the very sunny hillsides during a guided hike from vintner to vintner with a mini wine tasting at each stop. The Various Wineries and wine estates offer wine tastings and a guide tour through their wine cellar.

Of course you can taste a variety of chosen wine at our establishment. Especially, very popular, are our culinary wine tastings in summer and autumn.

Biking for every demand

All about cycling

No matter if Mountain bike, Race bike, Trekking bike or E-Bike: The right track for the right profile can be found for everyone. You can obtain a variety of suggestions from us: From the easy bike tour to the demanding mountain bike tour.

Our head chef, Peter Leppert is a passionate cyclist and a Velo Team member himself. He will enthusiastically give you some secret tips.

On Foot


A vast variety of paths can be found in the central part of the Black Forest all year round. These can be combined in many ways for tours of different lengths. 20,000 km of trail make variety and individuality of any kind possible.

seeing – wondering – relaxing


Our house ist the perfect starting point for sightseeing. Baden-Baden is just a few minutes away for example. The horse races that take place twice a year are only a few of many things to see and experience. The Theatrical and Spa houses, the Burda-Museum with its various expositions or the Casino are only a few of the other things to see and experience. And if you’d like to relax, two luxourious thermal spas, the Caracalla and the Friedrichsbad, are very inviting.


Secret tips

In addition to the well-known tourist activities, there are a few insider tips from us. Take a look at the Rhine Valley from above, with a paraglider or a hot air balloon, it’s definitely worth a view. For the more active guests: there are a few climbing spots in the vicinity, which at one point or the other offer an unforgettable adventure and picture for your memories.