On foot

Exciting paths, great views

A vast variety of paths can be found in the central part of the Black Forest all year round. These can be combined in many ways for tours of different lengths. 20,000 km of trail make variety and individuality of any kind possible.

The paths around hotel Jägersteig through the mixed forest up to Castle Windeck are perfect for a hike in spring. A hike along the Gertelbach waterfalls is nice in summer. The vineyards show all their beauty in autumun, so this would be the perfect time for a nice hike through them. There are numerous paths in higher altitudes to explore during wintertime.

The newest: The Black Forest National Park opened in 2014. You can get many more tips and info all around hiking in the Blackforest at the nature reserve center Ruhestein.

We have prepared many suggestions for our guests. For example take a hike along the Paradise path up to the Herta cottage. Or hike a leg of the western path. The Ortenauer wine path is a beloved path and a nature trail starts right behind our establishment.

If wished we also offer guided hikes. No matter what, we provide you with a trail map of the region. We also have a Black Forest snack specialty prepared for you, to take along.

We are the „Quality host Hikable Germany“ in Bühl (www.wanderbares‐deutschland.de).